I live in Chicago with my husband and 3 kiddos, where I write novels (YA and adult), neglect my blog, and continue my search for the perfect Tikka Masala recipe (please contact me if you have it!). Over the course of my life I’ve lived in Madrid, Zaragoza, Valencia, Indianapolis, Bloomington (IN), Newark (DE), Sheboygan (WI), Greenville (OH), Lyon and Paris. Though I’m very happy to be settled in the City of Broad Shoulders, the long winters make me dream of the beaches of Hawaii, despite my fear of bikinis (wearing them) and sharks (being eaten by them).

I wrote my autobiography at age six. This is what I had to say about myself on Page 1:

“I love myself very much. If I did not have myself I would not be alive! Isn’t that so amazing! Life is so so so so so so so so so so so amazing! I like life. I like living. I really don’t enjoy candy as much as other people do. I love crystal balls. They are so cool. I love them.”

Minus the crystal balls, all these things still hold true.


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